Highly effective, family friendly, animal safe and ready in minutes! Make your own disinfectant and sanitizer at home. Save the planet. Save money.

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    Highly effective, family friendly, animal safe and ready in minutes! The PüreSol provides you with the most organic method to make a highly effective disinfectant using simple household staples: salt and water. PüreSol uses proven technology based on decades of scientific research to help you eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens trying to invade your personal space.

    Our powerful ionizing technology will enable you to tackle every harmful microbe so you can keep your space sanitized and safe for your family. It’s also so safe, that it is a certified no-rinse chemical used to sanitize food products!

    Ideal for: solution in any Püre system, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant

    Step 1: Fill

    Fill with the PüreSol filtered water up to the indented line. You'll then put your desired scoops of non-iodized salt (depending on use). Comes with a salt scoop so you never have to guess!

    Step 2: Electrolyze

    Through electrolysis, you'll see the PüreSol work its magic turning it into "Nature's Sanitizer": hypochlorous acid! Learn more about this process on the Technology page

    Step 3: Use

    As a surface sanitizer or hand sanitizer, this solution is all natural and ready to destroy harmful viruses and bacteria! You can even fill your PüreHome or PüreSpace with a full PüreSol bottle.

    Simply follow these easy to use steps:


    Fill your PureSol with clean water (distilled water is ideal, but soft tap water will work too!) We provide a measuring cup so you don’t have to guess.


    Add 0.5g your non-iodized salt. You can measure it out yourself or purchase our tablets that come in 100% compostable material.


    Press the ‘On’ button on the front of the PüreSol and wait for 8 minutes.


    You’re ready to use PüreSol! Pour into your favorite spray bottle or use our custom atomizing topper that fits directly on our PüreSol.


    Our Product Features

    • H2 & O2 separation
      Without any harmful byproducts
    • Platinum plating Electrode plate and exchange membrane
    • Up to 2.0Mpa Creates high-pressure resistance
    • Sanitizing solution is effective for up to 7 days after being created!