Effectively cleans the air from harmful microbes, viruses, allergens, and dust. The PüreAirULTRA is built to fit into any space and can work silently all day, keeping you safe.

PüreAir Ultra
PüreAir Ultra
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PüreAir Ultra

    PüreAir ULTRA is our strongest in air filtration with a triple-threat approach. A combination of HEPA and carbon filters alongside a photocatalyst system that destroys pathogens. PüreAir ULTRA is made for large buildings or highly polluted areas. Light indication also lets you know how pure the air is; blue being good air quality vs red being very bad air quality. Stationary settings allow it to filter up to 1000 square feet. Can add an adaptable set of wheels that will allow it to robotically go through a building automatically, avoiding objects, filtering on an even large scale. 

    Our Product Features

    • Automated Robotic Wheel Option
    • Light Indication for Air Quality
    • Triple-Threat filters (HEPA, carbon, photocatalyst)
    • Anion Feature
    • Stationary unit filters up to 1000SQFT