Meet Püre

Clean on Another Level

Püre Biotechnologies is a company dedicated to protecting you and your loved ones by eliminating threats at a microbial level. We provide systems and solutions to help you clean your community using highly-effective yet food grade, human safe, and eco-friendly disinfectants. Your safety and hygiene is our priority, so we've thoughtfully developed a diverse range of products using the latest scientific technology to help you sanitize your environment. In the times of mass globalization and a rampant pandemic, we resolve to be the first line of defense, protecting you and your loved ones from contaminated objects in your surroundings.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make the world safe with sanitization technology that is easily accessible and easy to use for businesses and households small and large.

Who Are We?


Püre Biotechnologies is based in sunny Huntington Beach, CA, USA. We are proudly a minority and woman owned business founded in 2014. Our priorities include safe, eco-friendly options that are good to the earth and your bank account.


We Value


With misinformation being a common phenomena, we want to be as clear as we can so you can make the best decision for your business, your customers and your family.


You and your family can feel confident that when we say clean, we mean it. Our sanitizers are certified by the EPA to be proven highly-effective against SARS-CoV-2 as well as other harmful pathogens.


Püre is a team of inventors and biochemists always looking to make our world a better place. We are excited to share the power of homemade disinfectant so you can minimize the trash, practice safe social distancing and focus on the cleanliness of your environment.