Püre Biotechnologies Products Clear the Air: Destroys 99.9% of Pathogens, Bacteria, and Viruses

PüreHome and PüreSpace use automated anti-viral disinfection technology to safely disinfect and sanitize spaces while combating coronavirus, destroying airborne and surface pathogens.

Innovative fogging technology brings all-natural commercial-grade cleaning into homes and businesses.

Püre Biotechnologies Products Clear the Air: Destroys 99.9% of Pathogens, Bacteria, and Viruses with a Touch of a Button

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.-- Püre Products, a manufacturer of industrial-grade disinfectant products made for commercial cleaning, has scaled its offerings to provide in-home and on-location products to support health and safety in defense of harmful pathogens. PüreSpace and PüreHome facilitate rapid generation and dispersion of safe antimicrobial vapor through fogging. The machines use natural, EPA-approved solutions to provide safe and effective automated disinfection that is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses.

Püre Products Clear the Air: Destroys 99.9% of Pathogens, Bacteria, and Viruses with a Touch of a Button. Learn more, www.purepathproducts.com. #PureHome #PureSpace #cleanonanotherlevel

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PüreHome and PüreSpace use electrochemical activation of salt and water to create a light fog that disperses the highly effective and all-natural disinfectant, hypochlorous acid (HOCI). EPA-approved HOCl is used in healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and general sanitation. Descriptive visuals of the process here: PüreHome and PüreSpace.

“Our team of biochemists and engineers created PüreHome and PüreSpace with family life in mind,” said Micaela Johnston, Co-Founder and CEO of Püre Products.


A new cleaning routine, PüreHome is lightweight and portable allowing it to freshen and decontaminate a 350 square foot space in 30 minutes or less. PüreHome is safe, eco-friendly and sustainable. The product retails for $349.


PüreSpace uses the same antimicrobial vapor technology as PüreHome, but on a larger scale. The disinfection technology sanitizes a 1,000 square foot space in under an hour with HOCI fog solution. The product is easy to assemble, fill, and run and retails for $1,199.

Customers can find more information and purchase details by visiting www.purepathproducts.com. Learn more and join the conversation about next-level clean at @purepathproducts on social; #PureHome #PureSpace #cleanonanotherlevel.

About Püre Products

Püre is a team of inventors and biochemists looking to make the world a healthier place. The company has captured the power of natural disinfectant delivered in easy-to-use products. Püre Products use hypochlorous acid solutions certified by the EPA to be proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. The disinfectant used in Püre products is made with the family in mind providing a 99.9% success rate against viruses and other harmful pathogens. For more information, visit www.purepathproducts.com, call 888-870-6468, or email, info@purepathproducts.com.


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